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The world's driest CITY

If we imagine the Antarctic, then that first appeared in our minds the image of a place that is fully covered with snow. However, it will be much different from the dry valleys in Antarctica which was the driest place in the world. These valleys have very low humidity and almost no ice or snow covering a surface, so that this valley is the largest ice-free areas on the continent. 

The closest mountain high enough to block the ice from the sea to reach the valley. Unique conditions of the ice-free is also partly caused by katabatic winds that blow strong and occurs when air is dense and cold downhill because they are attracted by gravity. These winds can reach speeds of 322 km / h, so that the air friction can heat and vaporize all the water, ice and snow. agen bola

2. Arica, Chile (Rainfall Average: 0.761 mm per year)

Arica is the driest city in the world, though not the driest place in the world. Arica is a port city, and although hardly ever rained from the sky, Arica keep humidity levels high enough and is often covered by clouds. However, although the air is quite humid, the moisture is not enough to get to the ground as rain. The Atacama Desert in the surrounding areas will remove humidity from the air and the clouds and just bring dry air to the desert. Some places in this desert never even received rain for over 500 years!

3. Al-Kufrah, Libya (Rainfall Average: 0.860 mm per year)

This place is the driest place in Africa. However, Al-Kufrah have several nearby oasis where underground springs can naturally give drink human and animal populations. The main crops cultivated are peaches, dates and apricots. Nearby, is the desert plains covered by sand dunes up to as high as 300 m.

4. Aswan, Egypt (Rainfall Average: 0.861mm per year)

Aswan is a name that may be known as the name of the dam. However, most of the time, the city was wholly lacking moisture. While some other parts of Egypt get the breeze from the sea, Aswan remain hot and dry throughout the year. The proximity of the town to "Tropic of Cancer" also contributed to the high temperatures and dry weather. Winds blowing at a speed of 160 km / h is very common in this city.

5. Luxor, Egypt (Rainfall Average: 0862 mm per year)

Luxor is a place that does not get a lot of moisture. In season "cool" hot winds known as "Khamsin" sometimes blows in from the Western Desert near the city and can bring sandstorms as well. Sandstorms can last for two days and air speed can reach 150 km / h which will increase the temperature by 20 degrees. And every drop of rain that falls, will soon evaporate in the heat.

6. Ica, Peru (Rainfall Average: 2.29 mm per year)

Ica is located on the south side of the city of Lima, and borders the Atacama Desert. This area was once a dusty and dry is not dry like this. In 2007, scientists discovered fossil evidence of species of penguin as high as 1.2 meters were used to inhabit the area. Because of the dryness of the air in this region is not even strange if we encounter a natural mummification process. Because, the remains of living things can not be unraveled without the humidity. Uniquely, the city's climate to attract people with asthma, where it was said that their symptoms will be much better when it is in the dry air. agen bola 

7. Wadi Halfa, Sudan (Rainfall Average: 2.45 mm per year)

Located in the heart of the Sahara desert, Wadi Halfa is a perfect picture of the desert city. Rainfall is very low and the wind is blowing hard subtropical dry the air in the region and has a strong influence on the surrounding area, namely to produce hot, dry desert.

8. Iquique, Chile (Rainfall Average: 5.08 mm per year)

This port city is located at the top of the Chilean state, and is located west of the famous Atacama Desert. The surrounding desert is mined because it contains natural nitrate fertilizers. And the rain did not fall in January and February. agen bola

9. Pelican Point, Namibia (Rainfall Average: 8.13 mm per year)

Pelican Point is a small pier in the African nation filled with desert, Namibia. Although famous as the place to be for dry, this place is quite unique. Because, this place is also known to have good waves for surfers.

10. Aoulef, Algeria (Rainfall Average: 12.19 mm per year)

A small town located in the center of Algeria is the driest place in the country which is also dry. As if that's not enough, Aoulef also a place that is very hot, and there was only an oasis in the desert areas. In addition, there are only a few palm trees that separates the city with the surrounding desert.
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